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About Us


Allsorts Dog Training

We know exactly what it’s like to share your life with a dog who won’t listen, who kicks off and reacts, and who delivers you challenges you never dreamed you’d face.

And luckily, we now know exactly how to turn it around.

Ourr love is to help you grow a happy, stress-free relationship with your dog.

We approach working with dogs in a holistic manner because this means we look at each dog as a whole individual and don’t just focus on the behaviour that needs to change.

One major aspect we include in all our training programs is making sure the owner feels heard, understood, and supported throughout our sessions and beyond. We feel it important to help owners find the confidence to walk their dogs and leave the anxiety behind.


We are Game Changers

Training can be fun and relationship building, with cleverly designed games we teach dogs to think and make good choices, and we encourage them to work with you.


Empowering owners and dogs alike!

The most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is providing people with the tools that will make a difference during life’s rougher spots. When that happens, it’s a big win for everyone.

Our passion tends to be contagious. Once dog owners understand that what we’re doing is more than just training, it becomes their passion too! We’ve seen amazing progress with the dogs we have worked with, and seen owners’ outlooks change, too: and the result is a relationship that gets stronger and stronger with every session.

A refreshing approach on dog training with Allsorts Dog Training